English Language Arts

English Language Arts is integrated into all areas of study.


English Language Arts (ELA)  integrated into all areas of study. Specific foundational skills in reading and writing will be assessed upon admission to the School, to determine areas of intervention and acceleration for all students.

Weekly Writing Labs will offer personalized guidance and structured opportunities for individual growth. All faculty will engage students in pre- and post-reading activities for content learning, and will develop meaningful challenges that require students to use writing to express understanding (e.g., writing a graphic novel or screenplay about the American Revolution).

Relevant literature will be explored in all Threads of Inquiry. The Senior ELA Seminar will focus primarily on college application essays and professional writing.

Year 1

ELA Basics, Reading & Writing for Content Learning

Year 2

World Literature

Year 3

American Literature

Year 4

Modern Literature & Senior Seminar


NH K-12 Curriculum Frameworks for Reading and Written & Oral Communication