How LEAF WOrks

Admission to LEAF Charter School is open to any resident of New Hampshire.


Students will be recruited and admitted as follows:

  • A panel of LEAF Charter School representatives will actively engage in recruitment throughout our region, by speaking and distributing information at middle schools and other appropriate venues.

  • The School will provide application packets with information on its educational philosophy, curriculum, and student expectations.

  • The School will hold on-site information sessions for prospective students and their families.

  • Students must complete the application and submit it by the designated deadline. Application will include a conventional application form (to be completed on paper or online) and a statement of interest in the LEAF Charter School, to be completed in any manner or media chosen by the student. Examples might include essays, videos, personal interviews, drawings, or other means of expression. This statement of interest is a requirement for admission, but not a basis for selection.

  • An Admissions Panel, appointed by the Board, will review applications for completion in the order in which they are submitted. All complete applications submitted by the deadline will be considered viable for admission to the School.

  • The Admissions Panel will notify students of application receipt and status.

  • If the School receives more applications than spaces available, a lottery will be conducted. Remaining students shall be placed on a waiting list, according to the order in which their application was received.

  • Admitted students and their guardians will attend an orientation event at the School prior to matriculation.

  • LEAF Charter School students will be automatically re-enrolled for the following year, provided they are in good standing at the School and submit a letter of intent to return. Students on the waiting list will be invited to enroll if any openings present themselves.

  • Diversity is an important factor in successful school culture. The School’s Admissions Panel will track application submissions from year to year. If certain groups are found to be under-represented (for example, mainly students of one gender, or all from the same attendance area, etc.), the Panel will make every attempt to reach out to those groups in future recruitment efforts.

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I’m so pleased that we have the LEAF School.... seems like it’s just the thing [my son] needed. So, Thanks!
— LEAF Parent