Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to common questions about attending LEAF


What is a charter school?

Charters are independently operated, open-enrollment public schools of choice.

Who can attend?

Any student who is a legal resident of NH is eligible to attend LEAF Charter School.

How can my child apply?

Students who are interested in LEAF can apply online or send in a paper application. The deadline for applications is March 1st.

Each class at LEAF is limited to 28 students. If we receive more than 28 applications, a lottery will be held. Remaining students will be placed on a waiting list, according to the order in which their application was received.

How much will it cost?

LEAF and other charters are tuition-free public schools. NH’s State Authorized charter schools are funded directly by the state (and through grants). Local portions of property taxes do not fund charter schools.

When will LEAF open?

Our anticipated opening for incoming first-year students (9th grade only) is August 2017. We will accept new freshmen (and transfers, if there are available spaces) every year after opening.

What is LEAF’s policy on discipline?

LEAF operates on the principles of democratic participation and meaningful consequences. Students will create a constitution at the beginning of the year, and will be expected to conduct themselves with respect for each other and for the community. Please see our charter for full coverage of this topic.

What about transportation?

Transportation will be provided for students in SAU 60 (Fall Mountain Regional School District: Acworth, Alstead, Charlestown, Langdon, & Walpole). LEAF will work with families to coordinate transportation for students who live outside SAU 60, through carpooling and other means.

How will Special Education services work?

LEAF will work closely with each child’s home SAU (sending school district) to coordinate special education services. Students who have IEPs and 504 Plans are equally eligible to attend LEAF.

Will my child still be able to participate in sports programs?

All NH students are eligible to participate in their home SAU’s athletics programs, whether they attend charter or traditional public schools, or are home-schooled. LEAF may in the future have track & field and cross-country running or skiing teams.

What about college applications?

LEAF will use the NH Department of Education guidelines for competency-based transcripts. Many public & private schools currently use a similar model, and colleges & universities are familiar with this type of transcript. LEAF students will also be required to take the SAT in the 11th grade (like all other NH students).