Volunteer Opportunities

LEAF will hold several volunteer work days throughout 2016 and early 2017 to help prepare Mole Hill for incoming students. Check back soon for more information!

Partner Organizations

  • School visits – Creative professionals talk with students about their life’s work
  • Tours of local businesses – May include studios, workshops, offices, job sites, etc.
  • Job shadowing – Each student teams up with a professional for a workday
  • Mentorship – Adult creatives offering guidance & insight to like-minded students
  • Internship – Students commit to a semester-long work-study relationship
  • Apprenticeship – Long-term, mutually beneficial, training initiative

Parents & Students

  • Taking on leadership roles as members of the Board of Trustees, the Parent Advisory Board, or Student Leadership Team
  • Leading a “Skills Intensive” workshop (offered at the beginning of each academic quarter, in the areas of Life Skills, Survival Skills, Study Skills, & Job Skills)
  • Sharing your educational beliefs & experiences with the community


  • Budget, financial planning, fiscal records
  • Marketing & publicity: website, brochures, Facebook, videos, etc.
  • Human resources: recruitment & hiring, compensation plans, benefits, etc.
  • Development, including grant-writing and other fundraising